Calligraphy is experiencing a huge increase in popularity. Social networks have widened the group of those intrigued and enamored with letters in all shapes and sizes. Listservs and email groups have faded while Pinterest has enabled visual sharing on the internet like never before. We can see a wide variety of lettering and calligraphy in a single glance of a board. Bloggers, one by one, have informed and delighted us by sharing their work and thoughts. Facebook has connected us across the globe where we can comment and see other’s comments. We can even take video classes at various resources.

However, until now, other than the fabulous email groups of Cyberscribes and IAMPETH, there hasn’t really been a visible place (that I am aware of) solely dedicated to calligraphy and lettering where we, as a community, can come together, communicate, and share all in one place. A place where everyone is a contributor and anyone can post or comment, on an equal field. A place where we can not only ask questions but share with pictures and video. A place where information can be well organized, archived, and searched quickly. That is what the Flourish Forum hopes to provide – a network of experienced calligraphers happy to share their knowledge, skill, resources, tutorials, advice, and experience; as well as beginners looking to learn the foundations of the lettering arts, grow, advance, and flourish.

The Flourish Forum was started by me, Erica McPhee, lettering & design artist at Paperwhite Studio. I have 30+ years of experience practicing calligraphy and over 12 years of experience running a calligraphy business. I LOVE calligraphy. I always have. I want to share this love and the knowledge I have gained with anyone and everyone who wants to learn about calligraphy. I learned about calligraphy all on my own at the age of 10. It quickly became my thing. I didn’t meet another person who shared this love until I was in my mid-20’s!

And today, Calligraphy has reached a turning point of sorts. With new styles, new tools, and thousands of new people showing an interest, the sky is the limit. However, as time goes forward it is important, whatever the style, the legacy of calligraphy exemplifies beautiful, well-made letters. I hope the forum will help others achieve their goals and instill a similar love of letters for a lifetime.

I look forward to seeing our friendship flourish at the forum! Welcome, please join us!


Erica McPhee




Erica McPhee