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Dasherie Magazine now available for preorder!

Hello My Flourish Friends,

We now have almost 1,500 members in our calligraphy community! Flourish is a wonderful place to talk about calligraphy and get support from calligraphy friends. Those friendships are reaching far beyond calligraphy to become what I am sure will be life long bonds for many. I am both humbled and thrilled to have created this place for us to gather. But it is the wonderful people who have really made Flourish flourish! 🙂

With that, I would like to apologize for not being more present on the forum the past couple of weeks. As most of you know, I have been working literally night and day to prepare for the release of my new calligraphy magazine, Dasherie. Many people have asked what Dasherie is all about so I would like to share more with you.

Dasherie Magazine is a new print magazine and is the only magazine dedicated solely to the art of calligraphy and hand lettering. Our debut issue features over 25 artists and over 100 images of beautiful calligraphy. Dasherie provides inspiration for artists and a fabulous reference for brides and other event planners looking for fine hand lettering ideas and products to make all the details extra special. So it is both a showcase and a way to connect those looking for calligraphy with those who do calligraphy!

Dasherie is unlike any other calligraphy journal or magazine. It is a “style” magazine along the lines of other bridal or niche magazines like sewing, scrapbooking, or the arts. It is a 100 page, 4-color, printed magazine filled with high quality images of the finest calligraphy offered around the globe. We also feature full length articles with Artist features, DIY how-to’s, and more. I’m sharing a sneak peak below of one of our spreads in the first issue featuring the beautiful calligraphy of Joy Fairclough, of Studio French Blue.

So share the news with all your letter loving friends! I hope you will pre-order yours today and enjoy it with me!



Dasherie Magazine | For Hearts that Love Letters


How far we’ve come!

Now that the video tutorials for pointed pen have wound down, I have been concentrating on bringing Dasherie Magazine to the calligraphy community. The first issue is overflowing with gorgeous calligraphy. If you love letters, this is a can’t miss issue. I will be posting more details about how to purchase the premiere issue very soon.

In the meantime, the wonderful thing about procrastinating now is that I can still be doing my job by procrastinating on the Flourish Forum! The forum has now welcomed over 1,300 members! And I would like to take the time to say thank you to all the wonderful letter lovers who have joined our community. This is an amazing group of generous and kind people and I am truly blessed to call you all friend.

Flourish has had 9,300 posts! We are welcoming almost 10 new members every day! Hooray! This surely demonstrates calligraphy is alive and well! With so many members and all the wonderful posts it is no longer possible for me to keep up and respond to every post. This is a good thing as this community is about all of you – not me! But I would like to let you know if you have posted and I haven’t responded it is solely because I haven’t had time to yet. I do hope to be able to continue reading every post even if I can’t respond.

I’ve been working on my Pangrams that Make Sense series. This is number 4 in the series. Having a 16 year old in the house, I came up with this ditty which still makes me giggle! The style is a pointed pen variation created by Mike Kecseg. Mike’s copperplate variations are really one of the forerunners to the contemporary/modern calligraphy movement. If you ever have an opportunity to take one of his classes I HIGHLY recommend it!

Pangrams that Make Sense, #4

Last but not least, thank you to all the fabulous members who continue to greet our newcomers by posting hello in the introduction board. Even if you just say a quick ‘hi and welcome’ it means a great deal to newcomers to feel recognized and welcomed by the group. And a very big thank you to all our “regulars” who are so kind and respond to questions and posts with enthusiasm.

Things are flourishing at Flourish!




Lesson 9 – Capitals I through P – is now available!

Hi Flourish Friends!

I am so excited about my announcement of the upcoming premiere of Dasherie Magazine.  If you missed it, Dasherie will showcase exquisite, stylish, and contemporary calligraphy and lettering designs for a wide range of social events, home decoration, lifestyle, and marketing products. I hope you are all as excited as I am!

Meanwhile, I have been hard at work preparing the next tutorial in our Copperplate series. These tutorials are only available in the Pointed Pen Nirvana board which is only visible to registered members of the forum. The forum is free and so are the tutorials but you must be registered and signed in to see them. This lesson covers capital letters I, J, K, L, M, N, O, & P!

The forum is really flourishing with so many wonderful things all related to calligraphy and lettering. Thank you to all of our awesome members for the fantastic sharing and contributions.


Erica McPhee

Learning Caps I through P at




How to Design Calligraphy Monograms

I’m really excited to present this tutorial to the forum. I have loved monograms almost as long as I have loved calligraphy. Designing a special monogram for a new bride and groom is such a thrill. You are creating the first symbol of unity which will hopefully become a treasured heirloom identifying their togetherness. It is so symbolic and such an honor to create.

Creating a monogram for a special friend and then printing note cards for a gift has always been well received.

So I hope you enjoy this tutorial and find it of use. If you design a monogram, we’d love to see it in the forum!



How to Design Calligraphy Monograms



L Letterpress for Holiday Cards

I am really pleased with how my holiday cards came out using the L Letterpress home machine. So I decided to feature the project on the forum. Click here to view. This little machine can really do some great things!

I had originally intended to have the card printed in reverse (dark background with white lettering). However, I did not allow myself (or the printer) enough time to get it done. Next year, I hope to plan earlier! Ha ha!

See more photos in the forum:

L Letterpress at home

How to Letterpress at home


First Lesson in Pointed Pen Calligraphy from Copperplate to Contemporary is now available!

I am just thrilled to announce the first lesson in the series, Pointed Pen Calligraphy from Copperplate to Contemporary is now available in the Pointed Pen Nirvana section of the Tutorial Board. This section of the forum is free but is for members only. You must join to see this board and download the handouts which accompany the video.

This video is the first of many to come which will explore everything there is to know about learning pointed pen calligraphy. We will start off with the very basics covering supplies and basic strokes and move forward to learning entire alphabets and finally move on to varying and making your own contemporary calligraphy style.

I hope this is helpful! Would love to hear your feedback. If you haven’t signed up, now is the time to do it and get started! Hope to see you all in the forum!



Lesson 1: Pointed Pen Calligraphy from Copperplate to Contemporary


Tutorial: Calligraphy Invitation Layout in Photoshop

Yes, it’s another Photoshop tutorial! This one is a little more in depth in how to layout an invitation in Photoshop. It draws on the previous tutorial, “Preparing your Calligraphy for Printing.”

I hope you find it useful! Also coming soon, “Learning to Write Pointed Pen Calligraphy.” This series of tutorials, which will teach using a pointed pen from beginner to expert, will be for members only. It will cover both traditional Copperplate (Engrossers Script) as well as Contemporary (Modern) Calligraphy. So if you haven’t already, sign up!