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Lesson 5 is now available!

I can’t believe January is almost half over! Where does the time go?! I am really excited this lesson completes our minuscule letters! Soon we will be working on numbers and then beginning the Copperplate capitals.

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Thank you all for the great support!



Copperplate Tutorial Lesson 5 - e, c, r, s, x, & z


How to Mix Gouache

Hey Letter Lovers,

A quick tutorial on how to mix gouache is now up in the How To Tutorial Category. Click here to check it out or watch it below. This is just a small sample of some of the tutorials we offer in the forum.

We have been adding members like crazy and having so much fun talking calligraphy, lettering, design, etc. The new year is off to a great start! Thanks for making the Flourish forum such a great place to share!


How to Mix Gouache tutorial



Lesson 4 – Pointed Pen Copperplate Calligraphy is now available!

Happy New Year to all you letter lovers. Tomorrow is the first Monday of 2014 so I thought I would share the next tutorial in our Pointed Pen Calligraphy series to brighten up your day!

We will be wrapping up the miniscule (lowercase) letters with the next lesson. We’ll then be doing a lesson on numbers! Yuck! I mean, Hooray! (Does anyone else not like numbers or is it just me?) In any event, we’ll do a full lesson on copperplate numerals and then move on to majiscules and modern calligraphy!

The lessons and membership are offered free of charge but you have to be a member to see the Pointed Pen Nirvana board. I have lots of great things planned for this year so I hope you’ll join us in the forum!

Lesson 4, Learning l, h, k, b, & f


Ten Tips to Self-Critique and Improve your Calligraphy

What better way to start off the new year but with a resolution or goal to improve your calligraphy. Improvement takes lots of practice and careful observation. As I have said before, no amount of practice of bad letterforms will improve your lettering.

So I have written ten tips to help you critique your lettering, be kind to yourself, and accomplish your goals of improving your calligraphy in 2014!

Click here to view this article in the forum.

Best wishes for happy lettering in 2014!



Ten Tips to Self-Critique and Improve your Calligraphy


New Tutorial: How to – Contemporary/Modern Calligraphy

I”m really excited to share some “How To’s” for Contemporary/Modern Calligraphy. Originally, I intended to go through all of the Copperplate lessons before starting contemporary calligraphy. However, I recognize we have varying skill levels and interests here at the forum. So I want everyone to have something to enjoy.

This is only a handout tutorial, however, I think you will find it has some good information to get started. In the near future, I will be sharing video tutorials as well for members only. Membership is free so sign up now!

Let me know your feedback or if you have any questions! Enjoy!


Contemporary/Modern Calligraphy Tutorial



L Letterpress for Holiday Cards

I am really pleased with how my holiday cards came out using the L Letterpress home machine. So I decided to feature the project on the forum. Click here to view. This little machine can really do some great things!

I had originally intended to have the card printed in reverse (dark background with white lettering). However, I did not allow myself (or the printer) enough time to get it done. Next year, I hope to plan earlier! Ha ha!

See more photos in the forum:

L Letterpress at home

How to Letterpress at home


Great new tutorial on Understanding & Saving Files

Many, if not most, calligraphers are not designers by trade. However, they often have to prepare files for printing. While Illustrator is the industry standard, many calligraphers have not yet learned this software. Do not lose hope! You can still prepare decent files for printing using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

This worksheet explains the different common file types, the difference between Loss Less and Lossy File Compression, and the Bitmap & Vector Graphic Image Types.

Click here to view the full worksheet.



Learn About File Types & How to Save a File for Printing


Lesson 2 is up in the forum!

Hello Calligraphy Friends!

Lesson 2 (actually the 5th lesson in the series but lessons 2-4 are just expansions of lesson 1) is now available in the forum in the Pointed Pen Nirvana board. This board is only accessible to members so if you can’t see the board, you aren’t a member. Membership is free! There are two worksheets to print out to go along with the lessons.

I hope you are enjoying the tutorials! I’m thrilled with all the activity on the forum.




Lesson 2 Learning Copperplate Calligraphy