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Lol well said @Gary 😂

Very beautiful and colorful work @Ken Fraser !

A very beautiful sentiment and applicable 😂 Beautiful work!

Good to know! I went to a different post office today and they didn't have a problem with any of them! I still ended up grabbing some sheets on "non machineable" stamps too. Learnin all kinds of stuff from this forum 😅😅

Hello List 2 Folks :)

Just dropped mine in the mail today!


Well Ill be going by the post office again today :( 6 of my 7 were returned with a note that they are not machine able. Bummed they didn't mention that when I handed it to them at the counter :(

Hello List 2 Folks :)

Just dropped mine in the mail today!


This is beautiful work!! I hope you don't mind me asking a Newbie question  ;D do you turn your page to make the flourishes at the bottom? Or do you keep it in the same angle/position you do for writing?

My first one and I am sooooooooo excited ;D ;D ;D

Show & Tell / Re: Artwork & Lettering
« on: May 20, 2021, 12:53:40 PM »
A feast for the eyes! Beautiful work :)

That makes sense! Thanks Erica :)

Introductions / Hi from Oregon
« on: May 18, 2021, 07:12:00 PM »
Hello everyone!

My name is Aries :) I am very excited to be apart of this community (and the calligraphy community in general!). Calligraphy is such a calming, relaxing, time consuming, and sometimes exhausting hobby that has turned into a full blown passion for me as it has for so many others!

I'm a big fan of Harry Potter. I love the quills and the idea of writing with quills and ink. So I bought a fancy feather for my home office March 2020. After playing around with it and the ink it came with, I quickly invested in speedball set by June. I found and fell in love with point pen scripts (heeeello Copperplate! ;D) and it became my saving grace in quarantine. I love love love everything about it. The sound of the nib on paper, the smell of sumi ink, the never ending chase of perfection! All of these things have led me here in hopes of continuing to develop my knowledge and hand, as well as making friends with such an amazing group of people.

When I'm not writing and rewriting my letters, I spend a lot of time with my son and Wife out side enjoying everything the PNW has to offer. I look forward to getting to know all of you and making some new snail mail/pen pal buddies!

 ;D Aries

Do/can you send the same thing to each person on your list?

Find a Pen Pal / Re: Looking for a pen pal [USA]
« on: May 17, 2021, 12:16:34 AM »
Hi there!

Still looking for pen pals?  8)


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