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Received List 3


Erica McPhee:
This is where to post if you have received all of your exchanges (or if you are missing any) for the Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz exchange and you are on List 3.

I received all of my exchanges... it was so much fun... couldn't wait for the mail to come! This was my first exchange and I was really nervous!!!  Thank you everyone on List 3.  All the cards were wonderful and expressive and different... made me smile every time! I love calligraphy! (There is a lot of really talented people out there!)  Teresa

 Hello to all. I received all my delightful envies! I was tied up with the Flu which seemed to last forever. Then I ended up in the hospital and had Phlebitis in my writing hand for a couple of weeks, My cat died and then..... my car engine blew up. So believe me when I say that your lovely cards were the best part of my days.  Thank you all and I hope your received mine as well! 8)


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