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Hi Everyone!

Iím updating the workshop of Michael Sull in Australia.

If you live in Oceanic region and interested to learn the Spencerian Script using dip pen, Michael Sull will teach in these three countries:

Sydney, Australia - February 6-9th
Some seats are still available. checkout For more informations

Tokyo, Japan - February 13-16th
Full book.

Shanghai, China - February 22-23rd
Few seats left. There will be a translator to help you. :) contact Ritchie Wei for more information, or check out this link

Thank you!

Happy New Year!

Introductions / Hi! - From Silicon Valley, California
« on: May 21, 2015, 04:45:12 PM »
Hi All!

I am Martha, I live in Santa Clara, California. It is an honored to be allowed to join this forum. Thanks, Erica!
I have been learning calligraphy since couple months ago and figure everything out. I have also a little bit confuse of everything and tries to find my own style but I still have no luck. I hope I can learn the correct way of basic calligraphy and other style and also improve my skill in calligraphy in this forum. Thanks!

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