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Calligraphy in 24 1 hr Lessons

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Ken Fraser:
Calligraphy in 24 1 hr Lessons by Veiko Kespersaks
(Click on book to see on Amazon.)

This book was reviewed last year.

I'd like to add a couple of points not covered in the original review, and have been informed that it would be better as a new topic, due to the passage of time.

At the back of the book is a substantial "Projects" section which has some excellent ideas, well presented and described. They are -
Concertina Book : Embossed Certificate : Sonnet : Embossed Panel : Bookmark : Wedding Invitation : Poem : Family Tree.

Although he fully covers the classic hands in their conventional forms, he also demonstrates several original, freer interpretations.

I have several books in my collection which all contain the same failing. The standard of the broad-edged exemplars goes from good to excellent but when the authors move onto pointed pen scripts they are out of their comfort zone, and the results are frequently poor.
This isn't the case here. The author is fully conversant with all hands and the exemplars are of the highest quality, with both edged and pointed nibs.
Certainly, the beginner studying these examples won't go far wrong. This is my favourite recently-produced Calligraphy book which is full of good things. It's worth mentioning that the photography is superb, the printing is on high quality paper and this substantial book is very reasonably priced.

Well worth looking out for !!  :)

Erica McPhee:
I concur! Beautiful exemplars. Such lovely flourished caps.  ;D

Ken Fraser:
I forgot to mention the title 'Calligraphy in 24 I hour lessons'. The implication that Calligraphy can be mastered in such a short time, is clearly silly and is probably down to the publisher thinking of a cute gimmick to attract attention!

It reminds me of a local guitarist who was mocked relentlessly, after advertising "I can teach you all I know, in 6 weeks".  :-[

This book came highly recommended to me by a friend of mine too.

Thanks for sharing


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