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Schin Loong's New Books


Many of you know Schin, a member here at the Forum.  She has 2 books available from John Neal Bookseller.  (I haven't checked, but they may also be available at PIA.)  One book is a study of flourishing.  Lots of good tips and tricks are offered!  I am not an artist, unlike Schin, who is a very fine artist.  However, I am really enjoying the flourishing section & I am going to attempt some of the simpler drawings.  (Fingers crossed!)  :)

The second book is The Declaration of Independence.  It is intended to be a Spencerian practice book.  The pages are each perforated, so that you can remove the page to write the words found at the top on the lines below.  I don't know if I have the courage to pull pages out of this delightful book.  Maybe I'll order a second copy that I can tear apart, since I don't want to disturb a full copy!  I've been working on Spencerian for 8 months & I'm getting better, but still nowhere near Schin's ability.  If you've ever received a letter from her in an exchange, you know what I am talking about!

I recommend both books to you & hope that you will buy them!  You'll be helping yourself grow in calligraphy & also helping out a very talented calligrapher!


I have Schin's flourishing book, and love it. Her artistry in calligraphy and portraiture is amazing!


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