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Day 19 - 2022: PONYTAIL

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Sharing some of my "P" practice.  Quitting while ahead ... or tired. Let the brain do its magic while sleeping on it. 

Erica McPhee:
Wow @Zivio !!! I am so impressed with your progress! Beautiful!!!

Erica McPhee:
I wanted to do something clever with this one but alas time does not permit. What a great word!  ;D

Another capital inspired by James Farrell.

Raising your Sea Monkeys @K-2  with this pair of Flintstone glasses (they originally held Welch's jelly, grape, I think) from 1962-3 my wife still has. Good for juice in the morning. Don't make me go back to the '50's.

Diamine "Pink Ice" ink from Inkvent 2021. I was wondering what occasion would be good to use this one.
W&N#8 Round brush.


--- Quote from: Erica McPhee on October 19, 2022, 12:02:47 PM ---Wow @Zivio !!! I am so impressed with your progress! Beautiful!!!

--- End quote ---

Thank you so much, Erica! I seem to have turned a corner lately, to which I attribute SO much to your Flourish Forum.  Whenever learning something new, Im often delighted when one thing leads to another to another, each new discovery opening the way ahead. This has happened over and over since joining this forum. What you have created here and made possible is commendable! It is marvelous how it has leveraged and multiplied your interest and love of this art to touch and help so many.

Just a day ago, I encountered in the archive which already, with only little practice has made a huge improvement in my touch and movement!

And well beyond the archive, it has been the forum members who have generously offered support.  @Jean Wilson and @InkyFingers have encouraged, offered helps and mentored me on- and off-forum and have become friends. @AnasaziWrites mailed me my first real life personal example of a gorgeous Spencerian addressed envelope, card and note. Until then Id only seen online pictures -- there's a huge difference!  I treasure, and refer often to this gift.  @K-2 and @Lucie Y via PM and social media offering tips, links and exhortations.  And countless others whose comments and offerings are found in the forum.

Hoping you get the idea Im grateful!


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