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Day 22 - 2022 HEIST

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3.8 mm pilot pen
half uncial

Erica McPhee:
LOLOLOL! I love it @AnasaziWrites !

Everyone was so kind about my "bad dog"!  It's nice to be reminded that we're all our own harshest critics.

@Lucie Y I think it would look better if the central chest spiral showed two strands, rather than being branches of the same strand.  That would also disambiguate the strands making up the legs from the external knot-work.  I'll have to think on where the strands would need to originate from.  I didn't make enough decisions when I planned that one out.  I'm also not happy that I ended with and under-under from the strand going through the jaws, and then behind the foreleg.  My consolation is that when you look at the intricate work in the Lindisfarne or Kells MSS, you actually see a lot of fudging!  But it's hard to see, because the knot-work is very small, so the third-level task for improving my knot-work is going to be miniaturizing it.

@AnasaziWrites - your seagull heist reminded me of a performance art piece one of my former students did.  He made himself a popcorn suit and gave himself to the gulls in our harbor.  Nice half-uncials too; a very challenging script!

@Erica McPhee - that H is so elegant.  It gives me H goals.

Lucie Y:
And here's a third experiment with layout and letter spacing, plus another exercise I did in spacing. I think Ronde looks nicer when the spaces between lines is larger.

@K-2 as I was experimenting with this layout a third time in a row, your advice came to mind :) aye, this is what is beginning to happen. It just took me 3/4 of the month to figure out where I wanted to take things XD.
P.S. I've gone back and admired your bad dog, and it seemed even more amazing than this morning.

--- Quote ---2. You'll experiment with the relationship between the versal and the text - spacing, sizing, style, etc.  Again - some will look better than others.  Think about what makes some look better than others - you'll start to develop a theory about it.

3. You'll develop an instinct (or at least a written record) for what's going to work with regard to style/design/script.  Which will make future projects faster, easier, and more polished.  In other words, you'll get from "foul" to "fair" quicker, and the "fair" will be fairer.
--- End quote ---

@Erica McPhee Awesome H!! I want to try it but man is it intimidating

@AnasaziWrites love it!!!

Anasazi: perfect image and lettering matches so well.
Erica: what an amazing and creative H, graceful T, and great dog illustration yesterday.
K-2: you made that rascal so adorable and expressive.
Lucie: what beautiful writing and vines, your designs are pulling together nicely. 

I finished one of the exchange lists I was determined to do, finally! The last should be in the mail this coming week. I have one more list to do. Doubt Iíll finish that one before October ends, but Inktober and this thread are giving me more motivation to accomplish it.


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