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DAY 28 - 2022: CAMPING

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Erica McPhee:
Iím happy that after spending many a week camping with three children, this is the closest I have been to camping in a very long time.   ;D

Cyril Jayant:
Lovely  scripts beautifully done, And again the marshmallow BBQ gives a real fun too
Welldone Erica!!  ;D

in Montana last month.

Micron 1 pen and marker.

Erica McPhee:
Thanks so much @Cyril Jayant ! @AnasaziWrites  LOVE the photo and fabulous hand lettering!!!

Lucie Y:
Hi friends!
I've been missing out because I have many a time fallen asleep in random places in the house, at random hours. However, I have been enjoying your posts and was impatient to come back!

No practice sometimes means more reflection on how to practice.
I have decided to come back to copperplate but this time being less constipated not trying so so hard to do it right, and matching the exemplars exactly, but trusting myself to achieve harmony and actually enjoying the process.
I realize that with Copperplate I constantly beat myself up, and I think it's creating a mental block. Interestingly, I don't feel that block with French Roundhand, or with drawing vines.

This is a wee catch up with no warm up, but it felt much nicer and much more instructive than my previous sessions. Yay for a new season in Copperplate for me!
Thanks for reading  :-*

@Erica McPhee Camping with three kids heh, that's self-denial all right! I love how you have added drawings to your calligraphy, very cheerful!
@AnasaziWrites looking chill! :D

Have a nice rest of your October 28th, here it is already October 29th :)
See you tomorrow(ish)!  ;)


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