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Day 11 - 2023: Wander

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@Mary_M - that decorative border with Fortune! all of it flawless!

@Erica McPhee - thank you! It's challenging coming up with topical decorations for the capitals that can be executed at this scale. I kept changing my mind about Fortune. Originally I had something more "medieval" (like an illustration from a Boethius manuscript I'm very fond of), and then I had a roulette wheel in there (but it looked kind of crass). The tarot design had the right balance of "mystical" though.

This one though...I've had the design in my head since I first laid eyes on the clues! "Planet" comes from the Greek word for wanderer - hence the orrery. Keeping on the theme, the ink for the drawing background and the lettering is Diamine "Stargazer" (Inkvent 2021); the orrery mechanism & capital W are drawn with Dr. Ph. Martin's in "Bronze"

Erica McPhee:
Absolutely incredible!!! Love it!  :-*

Lucie Y:
@K2 I adore your entry! I'm really inspired by how you take every prompt and take the representation in calligraphy to the next level.

Tonight I'm relearning foundational hand, and doing so from Sheila Water's book. I'm doing this for Saturday's workshop because I don't see any other viable starting point for absolute beginners with 2mm bandzug nibs.
But I never studied it in depth... So, wish me luck!

Everyone’s work has been great!
I’ll see if I can tag along with something by the end of this weekend.

Just noticed that the dates on my previous journal entry for “Golden” (golden age of penmanship in America) were WRONG. How embarrassing - of course the correct dates are mid-19th to early 20th centuries (roughly 1850-1925, An Elegant Hand “Foreword” p.vii). I was way too into penciling in the flourishes.


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