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Day 30 - 2023: Rush

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Cyril Jayant:

Lovely work Mike ! ;D

Inktober 23 - Day 30 challenge

Rush In the world of peanut  seems more Fun to snoopy  :o


Erica McPhee:
Terrific work @Cyril Jayant and @AnasaziWrites . Looks like fun to me @Cyril Jayant ! And Mike - your consistency is on point!

@AnasaziWrites - oh, Mike, that is some ravishing Spencerian! (what ink, please?)

@Cyril Jayant - Such terrific movement and fluidity in that piece!

And @Lucie Y - The ink on the "Massive/eXtra-large" elephants is Diamine's "Earl Grey", another of my go-to grey inks for the superb chroma-effects. I think of it as the warm non-shimmer counterpart to the Atlas Iron Ore ink.

I already had Atlas Iron Ore out, so I used it to draw the capital for today's "Rush" - but now that I have a satisfactory R for my alphabet (thanks, "Remove") I can substitute "Urgent" for "Rush" so that I get a U.

And that was the last letter I needed for a complete A-Z. I'll post about that at the after-party. ONE MORE DAY!


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