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Day 31 - 2023 -Fire

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Cyril Jayant:
Inktober 23
Day 31 Fire
Just a peace of world in the Peanut world
Someone is enjoying the camping after fire fighting  ;D

Thank you everyone and I  hope all are enjoying the Halloween!! 

@Cyril Jayant - What a cozy way for Snoopy & Woodstock to end Inktober! Such a lively drawing.

@AnasaziWrites - I had guessed it was McCaffery's Red-Violet that you used on "Rush"! I love that ink!

@Erica McPhee & Mike - there is indeed a certain irony to that mailbox for Rush/Urgent (especially living in a place where there is effectively no true "overnight" mail service). I have a huge respect and affection for the US Postal Service though.

Here it is - the final Inktober 2023 prompt! It's been an amazing month with you all! Thank you for participating and/or for offering encouragement and support! What an amazing community - thanks again to Erica for bringing us all together!


On a trip to Venice in 2004, we stopped by the Murano factory. They use a lot of fire there.

Iroshizuku yu-yake ink

Well, I had grand ideas about some of the prompts, but didn’t have the time. I almost gave up on finishing the last days. But I really wanted the accomplishment of tackling each prompt. So to finish, I had to let go of my previous plan and greatly simplify my approach. But, I did do all 31 prompts plus a couple extra. Days 22-31 below.

Eagerly awaiting the wrap-up thread.

Matthew H.:
I just wanted to say sorry to everyone for being absent for much of the last week. I wish I'd been more supportive than I have. :-[

I'm really grateful to @K-2 for suggesting I take part in Inktober, and to everyone for making me feel so welcome. Thank you all so much. I've been absolutely blown away by everyone's work – it's been incredibly inspiring. I'm going to miss seeing what everyone's been creating!

I couldn't allow myself to get away with only posting one piece. Here's something I tried in gouache again (this time, Schmincke Vermilion Red and Cadmium Yellow Hue Light Calligraphy Gouache).

I had lots of fun doing this – it's something I've wanted to play around with for a while. And it gave me the chance to write some uncial again, which I'm afraid I've allowed to fall out of practice a bit.

The result is… well, it didn't quite turn out as I'd hoped. Another attempt had a more convincing flame effect (and maybe better letters) but was spaced too tightly. But, hey, at least this gave me another chance to practise with gouache and can be a starting point for hopefully improving in the future.

Roll on Inktober 2024! :D


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