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Favorite nib for Spencerian

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I would love to know what nib(s) your prefer to use for Spencerian.  All opinions or facts, would be lovely.

Thanks in advance

Oblique Vintage - Gillott 604EF, Spencerian No. 1 (English branded, not NYC), Esterbrook A1
Oblique Modern - Leonardt Principal
Straight Holder Spencerian - So far Gillott 404 and Gillott 1068

I love Spencerian so I would love to try any nibs suitable for it. Unfortunately I've only had the honour of using Principal. (Why isn't there a Spencerian nib sample package on PIA..)  I went back to try Nikko G again after saying I dislike it. I think it's good for bad papers.. It obviously won't snag as often, and it nice for monoline writing too.

Leonardt Principal, Gillott 303, Gillott 170, according to mood.  The Principal is the default choice.

Thank you. I will try a few that I have. I don't have a few mentioned, but will end up purchasing. Nib fanatics!

Today the Nikko G seems to be my thing.

I will put up a lowercase critique soon, so you guys can give me your input.


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