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looking for examples of certificate of appreciation

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I want to create a hand-drawn, hand-lettered certificate of appreciation in an old-fashioned style.  I'd make a master copy that could be reproduced to use as needed, similar to a diploma, where I can fill in a person's name and where there would be a place for signatures of some officials.   

My design ideas are along the lines of Daniel Ames or Patrick Costello. 

I've searched for examples of certificates of appreciation but have only seen a few.  The best source seems to be Costello's work at the University of Scranton archives. 

Does anyone have any other suggestions of where I might find something like this?

I'm sorry, I don't have any suggestions except to search the IAMPETH rare books, but I love your idea.  Good luck!

are you looking for a certificate that already has the words [Certificate of Appreciation] that you want to use as your template - so you don't have to start from scratch?
or would you be happy with a layout where you can insert your own wording?

I'm going to create the whole thing. I have a layout in mind   I might use Sickels lettering for part of it.  There will be a drawing which includes a small building and some trees. 
I was hoping to find old examples, but am wondering if our idea of Certificates of Appreciation is fairly modern.  Perhaps they came about when engrossed certificates became less common.

I can't remember what the wording is, but there are a ton of certificates that are honoring a person after many years of service. They are the ones with a whole list of WHEREAS-blahblahblah. There are big words at the top....but I can't picture what they would be.

Those are the ones you need to find...they seem to be the vintage version of appreciation.... I'm guessing Andy T will have some good links.

Remember - the part of the certificate that is the most meaningful to the recipient is their name - so, hopefully your layout will have a logical way to include name - and allow for
Eric Fox
Christopher Hermanstorffer
to both look wonderful.
I'm guessing you would want to have a couple different options in the *fonts* you use for the names to allow for different lengths. For example, the caps on Eric Fox would be spectacular...just to fill up the space.


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