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Something to consider before putting all your envelopes into one chronological scrapbook...
when I started exchanging mail - over 20 years ago - I put everything in scrapbooks - and it was taking up so much space that I had to pull everything apart and reorganize. I have tossed some of them - but my method for organizing them has changed a lot. There are different categories, like holidays and other themes - but there is also a stack of the Best in Show - from all different categories - but they are my favorites. I also have some sets that showcase particular styles. And then there is the rogues gallery - wacky, but lovable for a variety of reasons.
Sometimes, with a particular person, I keep all of their mail together - because of who they are.

I keep the collection in 4 plastic drawers with labeled dividers. When the drawers are stuffed, I spend some time *sifting* - I remove some from the collection and pass them along to people who are just getting started in envelope exchanges and who appreciate having some nice examples.
Since it is mail, it is nice to be able to handle them.
I do have a couple notebooks - with the mail in plastic sleeves - that I take to classes where they need to be protected from so many hands.
I need to decide who gets the collection when I go to that great scriptorium in the sky....

I have a friend who needed to save space, so she sliced all four edges of the the envelope and just kept the fronts. It's a very clever way to condense the collection.

This is a great idea @jeanwilson ! I turned mine into a scrapbook hoping that it would save space. lol However, by scrapbook, I mean the letters are spread out on paper then placed in plastic sheets. I like this for reasons you mentioned, primarily the flexibility to pull out sheets for showcasing depending on the occasion. I do this with my practice sheets as well. I love having them in book format though because I found that I would forget what I had or not look at the work as much when I kept them stored in their envelopes in a box, as I had been doing before. This seems to be working for now, but as you mentioned, storing solutions are likely to evolve as our needs do.

Yes - there is the whole issue of mail that has a card or letter that is just as wonderful as the envelope. It's way too complicated to keep those in a stack - as you forget what's inside. I have one notebook just for examples of handwriting. The plastic sleeves are better when there is something inside the envelope. I have a ton of mail that is envelope only....

Somewhere I have a photo of a box that looks like a stack of mail, but it is like a book that has been hollowed out after the pages are all glued together - so that it has a secret compartment. The envelope box just looks like a stack of mail - but when you pick up the top envelope - it is actually a box.... very cute.... if you are crafty.

This is such a great idea.
I'm a very visual person, so could one of you experienced scrapbookers perhaps show some pictures of how you've organized your exchanges?

I just took some photos of how I archive my envelopes. I can never figure out how to post photos on the forum - so you may view them here:


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