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Hello Flourish Forum Folks,

I have a number of issues, and I apologize in advance because they are probably all due to my inexperience.  However, in spite of reading all the FAQs, etc. as well as successful usage of similar forums, I am struggling with Flourish Forum.  Please help! 

1.  Though I have been a member since 2016, I have recently posted several times  - while signed in - and cannot find my posts anywhere.
2.  I have tried to send personal messages to Erica (assuming she is still the moderator) and have had no response.
3.  Whenever I post, I answer the questions at the bottom of the posts correctly, but I receive a response that says I have answered the verification questions incorrectly.
4.  I was loving the videos (and other resources) in Pointed Pen Nirvana, but suddenly they are no longer there ... or for some reason, I can no longer see them - ? -

I can see by recent dates on other posts that this Forum is still active, but I am getting no responses whatsoever.  So, I'm baffled.  Can anyone help by answering some of my questions so I know what's going on or can figure out remedies?  Thanks!  RR5757

Erica McPhee:
Good Morning!
I took one day off from approving posts in the past four years!  ::)

All posts are approved by me. I took yesterday off so those posts were just approved. I just now saw your PM from yesterday so will respond as soon as I finish this post.

This forum is run by one person - me. So it does take some time sometimes to get posts approved and responses. I check the forum multiple times per day but we run 24/7 and are worldwide so sometimes it takes a bit.

As far as I can see, you have only sent me one message (yesterday) so if you have tried to message me another time, please let me know so I can look into this and see if there is a technical problem.

As I mentioned in the news posted in the upper right corner of the forum, I am transitioning the forum to an SSL secured server. This is to make the forum safe for everyone. This has created some glitches in images and videos. I am working on getting this fixed. If you (or anyone reading this) sees a video which isnít showing, please PM me and let me know so I can fix it. We have thousands of posts and just as many images and videos - some of which are on http and some on https. Iím working to get all to force to https so we are safe and secure.

Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated!  ;D

Thank you, Erica! 
No worries at all.  I was just completely and totally baffled. You have all the patience and support you need!!!  Just hearing back and getting some response is awesome.  If all I have to do is be patient and understanding, that's easy (I'm a retired teacher so I have both qualities in boatloads.)  If you have only received one message from me, that's weird because I have sent several. However, the last one I sent, I used lower case letters vs. caps to type in letters we see in" the box."  Maybe that was my mistake all along?

Anyway, as for the videos, I'll keep checking back and see if they show up.  What is strange is that I was getting them just fine until last week, and suddenly as of a few days ago, there is just a blank screen.

Take care and big appreciations for your reply ~ I totally get your situation now.

Erica McPhee:
Thank you!  ;D

I removed a mod which allowed the YouTube videos to show in the post because they weren't showing up. All of the videos are http and YouTube has done the same as the rest of us by forcing https but it creates a disconnect with the forum links.

Now you can see the links and click on them to watch directly on YouTube. I will be working on a way to get them to show back up in the post but it may be awhile.  ;)


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