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A while back I found this Korean calligraphy artist , Boothyang, on You Tube and have watched several of her videos. Some of her videos are not the calligraphy that normally comes to mind. They present a different way to express calligraphy art. The size, presentation and color are impressive.  This is one of them    /  대구 달천예술창작공간 개관식 퍼포먼스 / 이화선 작가 / Calligraphy

You can use Google translate on a separate tab to help understand the comments.

Erica McPhee:
Wow - calligraphy as a performance art - thatís intense! And so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.  :-*

Thanks for sharing this, I'll definitely watch more of his stuff later. I just came across a really unique presentation of calligraphy art, it's called Persian Tattoo's! Have you heard of them before? Basically, the artist uses traditional Persian calligraphy to create beautiful tattoos on the body. I think it's such a cool way to incorporate cultural art into self-expression. Have you ever considered getting a tattoo like this? I think it would be a fascinating and meaningful way to show off your love for calligraphy.


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