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A smaller nib is so much harder


I'm used to using a 2mm nib and decided today to give a shot to a 1mm nib since some came in an order which I hadn't actually asked for but it seemed a shame to shove them in a drawer without at least giving it a go.  This is my first attempt with my current practice letters.  Advice and critique would be very helpful here because this feels VERY difficult. 

Erica McPhee:
Well done! It is harder to scale down in size. But with a little practice, you will become used to it! You’re doing well. The only suggestion I have is that it feels a bit cramped. Needs to air out a bit in between the letters.  :)

Adding space.  Alright, still working on that.  The examples other people have given in different threads do seem much more airy and beautiful with extra room. 


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