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Hello from North Dallas Texas area

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I started learning modern calligraphy in May 2020 during lockdown. I've always like writing and the shutdown gave me the opportunity to finally learn it. I've been off and on with my practice since then. But now I'm back and learning Spencerian script from Younghae. I really want to stick with it and see where I can go with it. Thank you for having this amazing forum filled with an incredible community of artists.

Erica McPhee:
Hi there! Modern is a great way to get comfortable with the pen. Younghae is an excellent teacher so you are in good hands. Sticking with is probably the most important skill.  ;D Welcome to Flourish!

Cyril Jayant:
 Wowdy Howdy Hoooo  ;D

Welcome to the forum Woody Melina and you are in the right  place and we are all love to know about you and your calligraphy.

Hi, fellow Texan! 😃. I always love it when a new Texan joins the the Forum!  I’m in the Panhandle (Amarillo, to be precise!!)  I have two “hands”, Copperplate & Flourished Italic. I tried to learn Spencerian, as I adore it!  I go to IAMPETH about every-other year. I’m going next year, since the conference will be in San Antone l (“San Antonio”, to non-native Texans!). I kept signing up for classes in Spencerian, taught by a famous Spencerian scribe. After multiple years of attending, she began to recognize me. She finally asked me why I was trying to learn Spencirian. I told her, “Because I love Spencerian.”  She said, “Well, it doesn’t love you back!  Just concentrate on Copperplate!  It loves you back!”  😃. So, I’ve given up on my little quest to learn Spencerian!  I just use Copperplate 90% of the time and Italic 10% of the time! 

Good luck on your quest!  😃


Erica McPhee:
Oh my goodness @JanisTX  - that’s so sad! I would *never* say that to a student! Please don’t give up on Spencerian!


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