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Hello from North Dallas Texas area

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Thank you, Erica!  I “hear” what you’re saying!  But she was right!  My hand 🤚 is “heavy”.  Spencerian requires a “light/delicate” touch!  I wish that I was like @Ken Fraser. - A brilliant calligrapher, with many “hands”!  But, I was born to script in Copperplate!  I’m trying to get better at just that. 😃.

 I also “have Italic”. I have a pretty little “sample book”, with samples of my work.  I take that to meetings with the about-to-be brides & their moms. One of the samples is Finetech (sp.?) Brilliant Gold.  The brides see that, & it’s “game over”!  I haven’t been able to talk a bride into anything else for 3 years!!  I keep thinking that I’m going to pull that sample out of my sample book.  But, it’s beautiful (I agree with that!).  I’m going to keep plugging along with my meager attempts at “owning” Copperplate!  😃

I hope that you’re well & happy!


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