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Ever since joining this forum, I’ve been reluctant to share much of my own writing, but seeing others' work of every level of ability has always been enjoyable and instructive for me.  So here’s a sample of a letter written earlier this year.

A FF member suggested that white ink on dark paper can magically make things look better – I agree!  Using that Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bleed Proof White™ felt a lot like writing with a popsicle stick and kindergarten paste, but it is a dramatic effect.

My goal in learning this script has always been to use it for everyday handwriting/correspondence – I have no calligraphic aspirations, per se.  I’ve limited myself to arm/”muscular” movement only, in order to outwit sixty years of muscle memory, cramped grip and illegible writing. The strategy has worked, to a point, but I find I’m still lacking a fluency of movement, so last week I began using Zaner’s “The Arm Movement Method of Rapid Writing” which prescribes some really fast movements in its drills, and describes required speed in terms of downstrokes and letters per minute. 

Already, putting serious time into the drills and pushing the rhythms has uncovered new ways of lightening my grip and of balancing the weight and pressure of the arm and pen that I’m hopeful will begin to get me closer to my goals.

What a great work! You should definitely share more of it! :D Have you tried to take any -advanced- spencerian class, in order to help you with the movement? You may hear some good tips/tricks on that  :)

If I ever received a letter like that, I would be delighted !
You're an inspiration. Keep going!


Erica McPhee:
What a beautiful specimen of writing Karl! Well done! And many thanks for sharing your eye candy with us!  :-*

You were hesitant to share your work when it looks this lovely?! I am happy you did! Very nice work!


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