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Cyril Jayant:

 @Zivio    very nice  work and.... big  wow . It is outstanding work and anyone can do it.
The main thing is we have to scarifies and have a goal and celebrate it very moment of it's progress... Which we don't do.   I am just talking but I am also in your position. It is good to come out of the shell so we feel more and more confident.
Congrats  on your success and I am happy for your moving forward.

Soon we are waiting to see your self designed  diploma on penmanship published on our forum here. That's how we do in the penmanship  world. :D

@Zivio I understand Zaner’s (and many others’) argument that “fast movement” leads to/enhances fluency. I have spent many hours trying that method. And then I took a basic Copperplate course; because every downstroke in Copperplate requires pressure, that script is automatically written at a relatively slow pace. The slow pace prompted me to pay more attention to the correct execution of each stroke. I then slowed down my tempo in Spencerian… and discovered that this helped to improve the shape of the letters. When writing Spencerian now, my pace is still faster than when writing Copperplate, but not by much; in fact, I try to slow down to a pace that (I think) still results in “fluent” writing but that also allows me to better concentrate on letter shape, slant and spacing. Just my two (euro) cents…


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