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Drawing slant lines
« on: February 14, 2023, 11:57:48 AM »
Hi Calligraphy Friends,

When I draw the slant lines on my paper they vary slightly by the time I finish. Is there a way to be accurate across the page? I use a
protractor to mark dots for the angle and a ruler to connect the dots. I have also tried marking one slant line and then using a ruler to follow each previous line then continuing across the page. Each time I get the same results- slightly off so all the lines do not have an identical slant.

Also, I am wondering how to get a copyright on individual pages.

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Re: Drawing slant lines
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2023, 09:59:13 PM »
Hmmm… I have had this problem in the past so I usually use computer generated slant lines and a light table. This also happens to me if I try to make my own guidelines in Photoshop. Sometimes about how the line shifts as it goes across the page.

Do you have access to one of the templates available through Paper & Ink Arts? It’s a template made from acrylic that you place over the page. I think it has slant lines as well.

Hoping someone else pipes in with some ideas.

Regarding copyright. As soon as you create something, it is automatically “copyrighted” as it is your work. However, in various countries, you can register the copyright of your work. This is especially important if you were to ever have to defend your copyright later down the line. I haven’t searched the US process in some time. But I suggest searching your country (if not in the US) and copyright process.
Truly, Erica
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Re: Drawing slant lines
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2023, 08:27:16 AM »
Yes - if you use a T-square to rule lines, it is virtually impossible to keep all the lines parallel and evenly spaced - if you have only one set of *tic-marks* guiding you.

The only way I could ever keep things *true* was to use the pin-prick method - make a pinprick at both ends of the lines.
Using pin-pricks - you are forced to maintain the precision.

I used large sheets of graph paper to make the pin-pricks -- which works very well.
The thickness of a ruler can make it hard to transfer your marks accurately.
That's why those triangular rulers that architects use are so much better - although - I bet that architects are not doing anything by hand anymore.

There are two more issues that will cause things to be a little *off*

The width of the line - especially with pencil - can make things a little off - mechanical pencils help with that.

It can be very difficult to keep the pen or pencil exactly on the edge of the straight edge - and at the same angle.
As you draw your hand from left to right - there will be some variation in the angle of your hand - which can affect the line.

While this sounds incredibly picky -- it always amazed me how hard it was to draw simple guidelines - and make them come out *perfectly*
After 20 years of trying -- I finally just gave up -- bifocals became a whole new layer of difficulty.

An Ames Lettering Guide is the perfect solution to the last two issues -- and it would have made sense for me to use one -- so if you really want to draw guidelines by hand -- don't be like me-- get an Ames Lettering Guide -- and pin-prick both ends of your lines.

If people are interested in copyrighting -- we should start a new thread. If there is nothing about it in the archive - it might be a good idea to start the topic.

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Re: Drawing slant lines
« Reply #3 on: February 15, 2023, 08:42:29 AM »
Thank you ladies for sharing.

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Re: Drawing slant lines
« Reply #4 on: February 15, 2023, 10:19:10 AM »
I use a rolling ruler sometimes

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Re: Drawing slant lines
« Reply #5 on: February 15, 2023, 03:13:42 PM »
... An Ames Lettering Guide is the perfect solution to the last two issues ...

How cool is that?! I am always intrigued with innovations, especially these for improving writing. I was hunting for some pictures of the vintage pen-grip-improvement devices that reminded me of something from the Inquisition, but found a contemporary one instead.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the Ames guide, as I was, here you go. And speaking of copyrights, I'm thinking of making a retrofit wedge for the Ames to accomodate 52-degree Spencerian slant. If this hasn't already been done, you've seen it here first, haha!  ;D
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