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Brush lettering on a wall?

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Hey, kind folks!

Wondering if anyone has ever painted and lettered on a wall before, and if anyone has tips for that? Or any recommendations for tools to use for it? I'm tackling a project on a 6 x 4 foot wall - wondering if anyone here has done something like that before, and what paint/brushes you used or would recommend for this?

Thanks! :)

Brad franklin:

I have not seen Martin post in a while

I also would like to know please!


I was recently experimenting on walls using latex paint (water based paint you would paint your house with!)

I use chalk for a rough sketch before painting.. It can be wiped off with a damp cloth after the house paint has dried!
This one's only about 40cm long and not too consistent but anyway...

I used one of these brushes (No. 4) They are little stiff though so are a bit hard to control on smaller turns / loops... These ones are softer & easier to control.
It helps laying down your pinky and dragging / gliding it on the wall or using it as a pivot for the curves...
you can also use a mahl stick which gives you even better control for slower / more precise work. ()

For Broad edged work, you can use something like these


Hope this helps somehow, until someone with more experience has better advice :)

That's AWESOME, Christo! Thanks so much for sharing!


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