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Brush class with Marilyn Reaves

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Erica McPhee:
Hopefully we can start adding to some of these other boards as well.

I'm not much of a brush letterer (have only tried it a few times). But I was fortunate enough to take a brush lettering class last year given by Marilyn Reaves! She literally wrote the book on brush lettering with Eliza Schulte, called, Brush Lettering!  ;D  She is a wonderful teacher and I learned soooo much in her class. If you ever have an opportunity and are interested in brush lettering - don't hesitate!

This was my favorite piece from the class. Dreaming of summer days in Maine...

Anyone else do any brush lettering?

Erica McPhee:
This was a practice to see how many different styles we could come up with using brushes. The workshop was held at a Christian Retreat Center and the entrance road had all these beautiful words stenciled on the ground. I noted them on the way in and added to the list for this exercise. Not so great lettering but really fun to do.

Erica McPhee:
This was actually the first exercise we did. We were to pick random quotes from random books she had at the front of the room. And then do a quick watercolor "something" to go with it. Talk about pressure. I *loathe* working on anything unplanned and without something to go by. But I was happy with how this came out. I've never painted irises before and just sort of wung it. It's good to get outside our comfort zones!

You did the lessons so well.

I, too, took an on line class with brush pens, but from another artist.  I'll have to look up her name, and share it later.

I like the way the brushes can sweep across the page in ways that differ widely from a dip pen or a fountain pen.

Thanks for sharing your work.  I don't have any of my practice pieces on line.

Really like what you did Erica. I'm also interested by brush lettering, even if I try to focus on copperplate and not disperse my energy for now ;)

I started playing with some Tombow Fudenosuke a couple of days ago but that's only simple practice. I ordered some Pentel brushes, I love what people do with them so I guess with some practice I'll be able to do some too (the pen is really hard to use).

One artist I really like is Sergei Shapiro, he uses brush pens like Erica uses her nibs: with surprizing ease.

Last but not least, I find a post written by Fozzy talking about brush and tools, some of you may be interested :

My humble attempt:

Have a nice end of week!


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