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Calligraphy Nut:
Working with some new Rohrer & Klingner Blu Mare and a dip pen - experimenting with shading on some Strathmore 400 Mixed Media paper. One thing I am not a huge fan of is the lack of ink channels in the dip nib - and why I am probably going to look into a set of Automatic, Horizon folded or some vintage Coit Brass pens.

I'm fairly new to calligraphy, so I'm unsure of what you mean by ink channels in the nib.  What do you mean by that?  Are you talking about some sort of reservoir? 

Calligraphy Nut:
As you can see below the Hiro poster nib channel is cut so ink can pass from between the brass to the surface. The problem I find is that it is a bit hard to start sometimes and does not like rougher paper (Mixed Media/Watercolor). The larger nibs could benefit form channels closer to the edge too as I find them running dry at the edge and fine in the center.

The Coit, Horizon, Automatic and Parallel all apply ink more evenly at the tip and also provide a sharper edge for flourishing the stroke.

Mike A:
I love the colour of that ink. It looks a big piece of work, how big is it? How wide is the nib?

Calligraphy Nut:
I think the photo angle just makes it look large - that is the  12"x9" pad - the nib is 8mm (they do go up to 10 and 15 but my kit only came with 4/5/6/8mm).


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