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I am trying to develop a cursive italics that I can use for writing. Using three strokes to write a letter is driving me nuts when I write my penpals!  So I am researching variations.

First I checked out a book by Lloyd Reynolds, Italic Calligraphy and Handwriting.  On the positive side, he does use a ductus that is condusive to rapid writing.  However, I don't like the way he joins the letters.  The "n" is joined from the top, for example.  I think this saps the energy from the angular letters.

And then there is the Scrittura Italiana style from the Modelli di Calligraphia.  Pages 19-20 in --

I like the way the connections are made, but it is a bit round and has lost some of the italic energy.

Does any one have any other favorite variations?

Have you looked at Ken Fraser's style?  You can see it in the first exemplar in this thread:  In the same thread, there is a Zapf Italic that I think is nice as well.

In terms of historical models, there is La Operina, here:  and Palatino here:  both of which I think are gorgeous.

If you are looking for a modern book, people often recommend this one from Getty Dubay:  I am working with this one from Fred Eager:

Hope that helps!

Found this very interesting article on classic cursive italics:

How to Judge Italic Handwriting
By A. S. Osley

This person is discussing the advice given by several Renaissance writing masters.  A lot to digest!  Very helpful to those of us who cant read the originals.  I just look at the pictures anyway. I have added a few of the books to The Library for your viewing pleasure. 

Crikey, it's not often you see prose like that in this day and age.  Mr Osley was clearly a man in possession of a well starched collar, so to speak ... I can't see him having much time for modern calligraphy or glittery ink, can you?  All the same he speaks with a great deal of real authority, as well as a pompous voice.  Thank you for another interesting link, Ellen - I enjoyed that.

Scarlet Blue:
In the Exemplar section - Is that David Lodge as in the author David Lodge??? He is one of my favourite authors  :)


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