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Left-handed tips from Master Penman John DeCollibus

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We finally got around to filming this and I'm so excited to share this with you. I hope this helps answer many questions left-handed calligraphers may have.

This is amazing!! And well overdue!!!!

Hi Connie,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this.  (Pardon the shouting ;D)
My son is a Leftie and I am teaching him Calligraphy.  John DeCollibus is his Idol.  I tried getting videos of him to show my son and this is now just perfect for him to learn how to hold the pen.

Thanks again for this

Erica McPhee:
Terrific! This is such an important topic I have decided to create a board especially for lefties.  :)

Thank you so much Connie for posting this!! I've tried using the oblique holder (albiet a speedball  :-\) but flipped over but never really got into the swing of it. I'm going to try it this way and hopefully (fingers crossed) i'll finally be able to do some decent flourishes without the nib catching!

Thanks again! and yey to the leftie board!!  ;D


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