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Digitizing Tutorial I saw on IG

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Sorry if this is out of place...about a week or two ago I came across a digitizing tutorial on Instagram where you can keep all the transparency in your strokes. I can't remember who posted it but hopefully someone here happened to see it as well?


Erica McPhee:
What do you mean transparency in the strokes? I didn't see it but maybe I can find it.  :)

Hi Erica,
Hope I can explain this properly! You know when you're using a brush and the bristles sometimes don't carry the ink across the stroke evenly you'll see some translucency. Something like this or this

Bianca M:
Ruby, are you trying to vectorize your work?

Yes, I am, Bianca...but I can only get the solid lines to work. The semi-transparent ones don't work like what this tutorial was describing.

I'm trying to find examples of what I mean.
this, this, this, this

They're sort of what I mean...there are light and dark strokes in the lettering and the background semi-shows through


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