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I assumed this is the best category for this question. I'm curious if anyone practices zen calligraphy. I know it's very different from the calligraphy general talked about here on Flourish Forum but I've been thinking a lot about how calligraphy (in my case, copperplate) is as much meditation as it is art. This led me to think about zen calligraphy. So, purely out of curiosity, do any of you practice it?

Are you asking about formal Zen calligraphy done with a brush
the dovetailing of "Zen" with just about everything else - like Zentangling and Zenspirations.

Many teachers refer to the meditative feel of practice. Calligraphy can be very meditative without being Zen.

It seems like *Zen* gets tacked on to almost everything these days. Not sure how Zen masters feel about that. Maybe there is a difference between Zen and zen. Interested to see what others have to say.

If you have studied Zen meditation - or anything else - it seems logical that you would bring those teachings to whichever form of art you decide to practice.

I would also be curious to know what is meant by Zen Calligraphy.

It's mostly connected to Japanese calligraphy.

"Zen" has become a shorthand signifier of something either connected to mindfulness or profound in its absurdity. Both are close enough to actual characteristics of zen practice that it's understandable. It obviously misses a whole lot of other aspects, but I've long ago gotten over it. 

Just don't get me started on Feng Shui.  :o

Don't get me started on the use of the word 'Zen' as a marketing device.  Agghhh!

I studied at a zen meditation center for a few years.  This was before zen was added to the name of every type of product.  Still, there was so much misunderstanding and misuse of the word that the teacher just shrugged when it was brought to his attention.  Just as one would expect him to do.

I've done pen & ink drawings for years, long before drawing techniques were marketed with the word zen.   When someone looks at my work and says the word --- oh, wait - I meant not to get started on this rant.  Can't form coherent sentences . . . .

There is most certainly a strand of calligraphy associated with Zen Buddhism, especially in Japan, and it is neither a recent development nor remotely frivolous.  Nor, for that matter, is it art.  Since what little I know about it is based on reading done decades ago or else channelled through Thomas Ingmire, I'll confine myself to saying that these are deep waters!


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