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Beginners are always welcome in guilds. One of my hardest tasks as a teacher was to convince beginners in my classes to join the guild as soon as possible. There was this misconception that they had to achieve some kind of proficiency before joining. This is like shooting yourself in the foot. The guild is screaming for members to keep the art alive - and the new blood that will keep things going is staying home, intimidated by their own imagination (or what?). Sometimes, as we gathered for a workshop, beginners would say - I don't want to sit by Jean because I will feel so inept. Someone who became one of my very best friends said, "I am happy to sit by her. Maybe some of her skill will rub off." I wish I could impart that wisdom to everyone who is keeping their early work hidden - and waiting for it to get better before they share. 

Sharing sooner will yield more progress.

Can anyone help me out with a better description of what I am saying?

Scribe teachers, in my experience, are kind and nurturing - do others agree?


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