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Hello all!

I have a few questions. I will be doing a brush lettering workshop pretty soon. A friend of mine, who has a type of loft work space, asked me to do one. Which is good because it is pushing me to step out there and teach what I have learned so far. But I am/feel a little overwhelmed.

I need to make a few decisions and was wondering if you guys can help me?

I am debating whether or not to provide all of these tools:

* Set of Crayola markers per person: I learned with crayola markers as they helped me learn to control the hand and the turns

* One Tombow Fudenosuke Soft Brush Pen
* One Pentel Aquash Waterbrush pen and ink to fill it up with
* Paper and clipboard
* Pencil with erasers
* Eyedroppers to fill pen barrell
* Small ruler
* Paper with drills printed? See below.
Do you guys think this is too much? Too many tools?

I am also debating whether or not I should provide handouts? There is so much online, downloadables, free print outs, and styles.
My biggest concern is that I would like to provide a foundation for the participants to develop their own styles or flare. I think that as they get more comfortable with it, they will naturally will want to letter each letter properly. So, I was thinking of doing something like basic strokes or drills to learn the angles and position instead of printables with each letter for them to repeat?

The workshop will be a total of 4 hours divided in two days. One evening and the following morning.

Lastly: Overhead projector?
My friend thought it would be a good idea to get one. I have been looking online and have no idea where to start? What do you guys recommend?

The workshop will be right after July 4th. So, I am kind of in a hurry because Amazon has the cheaper price on the waterbrush but fi I am going to order it, I have to do it now. They ship very late. I am just a little nervous and would like some guidance?

Thank you!!


The tools sound expensive! Clipboards can add up, and those waterbrushes are expensive too. High supply fees may deter students... I'd just ask your students to bring the more common stuff like the rulers, erasers and pencils or they can share yours. The students are probably more interested to pay for the markers and brushes than to rebuy stuff they probably already have. Paper will be important though if you're particular.

I think handouts will be super important, it's a nice take-home. You can tell them to go online etc but they're not going to... even a simple abc handout would help.

Projectors are also super expensive. Groupon usually has them for cheap, but I've never bought one myself.

Good luck!

Thank you Schin!

I found clipboards for $1.00 on Amazon but I understand your points.
(By the way, I follow you on Instagram!)

The workshop fees will include these tools. I probably should have mentioned that. :-)

And the projector is also because I am interested in recording lessons for possible online archival.

Yes, if the workshop fees did not include these tools, I would not buy them either.
I think I would like to offer not just a class, but a nice environment too. Does that make sense?

I will definitely prepare some handouts then! :-)

Thank you for your help!

Bianca M:
I do think a printed exemplar is a good idea.  I, too, encourage my students to develop their own style of brush lettering, but some people aren't ready to  do that at first.  Others are ready, and some do want to create their own style, but still need a launch point.  Each group needs a visual reference- not just for a lettering style, but also for proportions, etc.  And, even though there is a ton of stuff online, they may likely be coming to you because they like YOUR style!

It's nice of you to consider offering so many tools, but I think people may get distracted with too many options.  if you decide to offer all three pen options, maybe hang onto them and hand them out in stages.

Best of luck!

Thank you Bianca! That is a good idea!  :)


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