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One of my favourite threads is 'Then and Now'

It is so nice to see everyone's progression. I thought it would be fun to start an "Exchange" version. If you have pics or kept one as a keepsake, it would be great to see your first and last exchange. And for those of you just starting, it would be awesome to see your firsts :)

My first exchange was the Blue exchange August 2014. I was so nervous! I penciled out this design, calli'd it, and imposed it in PhotoShop (a lesson in itself at the time) over a picture I took from a plane. The whole process took hours, and I made only one and had it printed because that was all I had time to do: one as best as I could. Now I have to admit that some of that drive came from my motivation to use this opportunity to learn in preparation for my upcoming wedding invitations...the whole reason I started practicing calligraphy in the first place. After that, my other exchanges have all been individual....except, funnily enough, my last exchange ('North, South, East, West'). I really pushed myself more than normal; to the point of doing one really detailed (and poorly watercoloured version; a painter I am not!) map of Canada. I had to make copies...again. lol But, that's the way it goes sometimes. I am equally pleased with both because they represent my best versions of what I could do at that time given my circumstances (life gets busy!) So for all of you 'newbies' who might be nervous, just do what you can, but don't be afraid to play! Strive for progress, not perfection ;) I hope you have a blast with these exchanges!

I love that this was your own pic you took on a plane. And I think the watercolor is awesome!!  Your my favorite inspire'er (is that even a word? :o) and "shover" ;)

Wow, Star, it's amazing to see your first exchange! I don't think I've ever seen your lettering so structured, as I'm so used to seeing the spontaneity and playfulness of your work, which I admire. It surprises me that this is your first ever exchange. It has the look of someone who has been doing calligraphy for a while. Thanks for sharing! How fun to go back in time and compare progress. :) @Starlee

Thanks Janice! @handmadeletters  I actually had been doing it a while...8 months to be exact. It took me that long to gather the courage to participate in an exchange. And you are right about the freedom. It's not that I can't do this structured form...I find myself starting to return to it again these days...I am trying to learn to balance my need for flow with the essential core of calligraphy, consistency. It's what I aim for when I practice. Balancing the two...I suspect it will be a life long quest :)

Thank you @Terasleen! I love taking pics from planes...I have Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon, Boreal forests of Northern Canada, all sorts of cool clouds...they are fun mementos :)


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