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I would love to see everyone's holiday celebration greeting.

Here is mine.

"Merry Christmas to us all and God bless us, everyone"...Tiny Tim

Lovely @Terasleen!

This is my first year of making my own cards. Here is one I made for a coworker who supported me when I started out on my penmanship journey. It says Happy Holidays in Dutch.

Teri I got your beautiful green and gold card I'm Esmeralda from List 2, thank you!

Here are my Christmas greetings for the foreign ones I sent out a Santa Claus and for people within USA I sent out a Frida Kahlo (the artist-painter)

@Terasleen @Susanc @fridzleah @penninja  @esmy77 @pnogrl @sabrinajones

Made for FF  :)


--- Quote from: prasad on December 24, 2016, 06:49:44 AM ---Made for FF  :)

--- End quote ---
A most appropriate 1000th post (and no coincidence, I would assume). Always giving, always thankful.
Congratulations to you, Prasad, our newest Superhero.
You have generously given much to the members for this forum. I'm confident that I speak for many when I say thank you.
Merry Christmas.


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