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Thought I would try Calligraphy as a new Hobby


After a week of trying to do the basic strokes I am wondering whether this is something that one can teach oneself .
My line thickness is the wrong way round and I do not know how to correct it .  ::)
Am I beyond help ?

Scarlet Blue:
Hello and welcome, Peter! Yes, calligraphy is something that you can try to teach yourself to do! It's about perseverance. It does take time and a lot of work to get it to look how you want. A teacher may be able to help with the basics and point out where you're going wrong, but it's practice and studying letterforms that will get you there in the end.

Diane Bennett:
Hi Peter,

In answer to your question, yes you can teach yourself.  I started to learn just 6 months ago and have learned so much.

Have a look at the tutorials provided by Salman, I highly recommend them.  Like you I was getting nowhere until I started the tutorial.  I stuck with this one resource rather than confuse myself with lots of different websites.

It can be done and you will get lots of help and encouragement here.

Have a look at the link it's shows how other members have progressed.

Good luck and keep going the results are worth a few snapped pens lol.

Bianca M:
You absolutely can.  But, make sure to get feedback on your work if you haven't already.  Post some images of your work in the Kind Critique section and you'll get some great advice.  Don't be shy!

Erica McPhee:
Yes you can! But it does take a lot of practice and study.

Check out our free video tutorials here: Pointed Pen Nirvana/url].

Or if you are looking to learn a more traditional Copperplate: [url=] Tutorials by Salman

Also, always feel free to post questions with samples of your work or whatever problem you are encountering.  ;D


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