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I'm Alessandra, and I'm writing you from Rome, Italy.
I have done two exchanges, wine and spirits and halloween: I sent my envelopes on time, but how do I know if they are arrived at destination? what can I do? Is there a place to post the envelopes arrived?

I would also like to participate in the Christmas exchange, how can I register to this one?

Thank you so much

Bianca M:

Sometimes people post the exchanges that they've sent and/or received, but there's no direct way to know if they've arrived.  I suppose you could always send a message via the forum to the recipients if you really want to know! :)

As for the Christmas/holiday exchange, which I'm definitely excited about, Erica will announce here on the forum when sign-ups are open.  My guess is that it will be soon!

Thank you Bianca!

I'm also excited about holiday exchange, I'm waiting for the announce, sorry for my urgence!  :) :) :)

Alessandra, I received your card yesterday.  I loved it!  It really made my day and took my mind off of some of the worries I have right now (people close to me that are quite ill).  I hope you have received my card as well.  These exchanges really are special.  Take care!

Bianca M:
@lale_75 the signs-ups are now open, woohoo!


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