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Why am I called SPAM when I try to register (and other registering info)?

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Hi Erica,

I cleared the cache on my computer yesterday as you know and when I tried to log on for the first time today I received the same error message as before. I've attached a screen print to show you. When I try for a second time, I log on with no problem. I'm sure there's a simple explanation and as no-one else has reported the same issue,  :-\it must be something I'm doing..... or not doing. :-\

Erica McPhee:
Hi @Gary , I think it may have something to do with whatever browser you are using. This used to happen to me on my laptop but stopped happening after a while. I will look again and see if I can find a cause. I figured out for me, it happened more when I signed in using the top sign in vs. the one half way down the page (when I try to get on and it says I am not signed in). But it stopped happening after a bit.

Thank you again, Erica. It's not really a problem for me but I thought that I would flag it up to you in case it was a general glitch. I will do as you suggest and let it decide for itself.


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