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Has anyone used Mills' 'Modern Business Penmanship'?

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Hey folks,

From internet searches I know that a lot of people recommend E.C. Mills' Modern Business Penmanship to learn and practice business writing/monoline Spencerian.

But how is it to be used? It just seems to be a series of examples and exercises with no guidance on how to put them to practice. Are we just meant to go through each plate one-by-one in sequence? Am I missing something?


Erica McPhee:
Yes, this is an excellent book. And yes, you go through each page, one by one. It walks you through beginning to end. Start from the very beginning where it begins with pen hold. Then the warm up drills (which are integral to developing muscle memory). Then the strokes, then the letters.  ;D

Thanks, Erica, much appreciated. That answers my question! Any thoughts on how long one should spend on each plate?

The amount of time you need to spend will depend on how well you do on each page.
Every person has a different learning style.
Some people like to race through and try everything and then go back and focus.
Other people are more methodical and like to master a page before moving along.
And still others will move forward a few pages and then go back to the beginning and do some refresher work on the basics.
If you post a photo of your work next to the page you are working on - and ask for feedback -
you might enjoy getting tips from people who are further along on the learning curve.

Thanks, Jean. That's a great idea -- maybe I'll do that.

I'm still working through the Spencerian copybooks (I've just started Book 5), but I suppose there's no reason I can't start dabbling with Mills, time permitting.

Thanks again, both of you.


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