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A New Record


by the USPS for stuck in the system and eventually returned to sender. Mailed March 28, 2023, returned to sender August 29--Five months and a day later. This despite the name and address being correct and legible, as confirmed by the intended recipient.
If anyone else from the Way of the peaceful calligrapher exchange in March did not receive one from me, let me know and I'll resend yours as well.

Oh wow! The post office works in mysterious ways. I received an envelope from Australia 3 months after the postmark.

Beautiful as always Michael and that postmark is so clear, lovely!

I addressed my daughter’s wedding invitations.  I sent one of the groom’s guest an invitation.  It was written in Copperplate. I got the invitation back with a sticker saying  “Undeliverable”.  I confirmed the address with the groom’s mother & she said that it was right. I re-did the invitation & mailed it again. It came back, labeled, “Undeliverable”.  I finally addressed it a third time & put it in a small Manila envelope. I printed a computer-generated label & mailed it again. It arrived just fine. The dumb postman/postwoman couldn’t read cursive. VERY frustrating!!

Erica McPhee:
WOW! That is incredible. And @JanisTX that is so disconcerting! And maddening!


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