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Erica McPhee:
Haha! Im excited for you! I know you will have so much fun! Looking forward to seeing your newest creations once you receive all the new supplies!

I order some calligraphy supplies from someone I know from the Forum. She was in Australia. I got hit with a tariff by the US Customs office. I was mighty surprised, & not in a good way!  The government always wants its two pounds of flesh!!


Erica McPhee:
Oh no @JanisTX ! That is something I never thought about. I cannot get over the prices of mailing packages to Canada and Australia though.  :o

Its nuts to have to pay a tariff on things that I order from outside the US!  WHO is making up these rules?? I live in a country where I pay my taxes. WHY the heck should I have to pay customs for calligraphy supplies? ?  It makes me so mad!!

Mark T:
It isn't fair, is it. Over here, the Tax men and women are on the same par as Traffic Wardens. So low that they could quite easily limbo under a rattlesnake belly.

Since my previous post, I read the 'smallprint' on the card that Royal Mail left. I was left cursing. They had added 8.00 for handling charges. On top of the delivery charges with USPS. Always somebody wanting something for nothing. To cap it off - the parcel was delivered an hour ago. I was excited to smell the walnut crystals. Yummy ;D but there is a downside of sorts. I ordered one straight penholder and one oblique penholder. Two penholders arrived in the parcel, but both are straight penholders. Don't get me wrong - both are really pretty pens, but I really was looking forward to the oblique. I have contacted John Neal's explaining what has happened and asking what the next thing to do is. I'm not looking for something for nothing, but if they wish me to send the penholder back for a replacement, I think it only fair they pay postage for me sending, and them sending an oblique. Sat here typing tho, and the straight brown does look very nice. Oh, what a quandary ;D (I know what I would do, but I think my wife would be, ermmmm, a bit narky) Maybe if I don't tell her ;D ;D


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