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Hello From Norfolk UK


Jack 41C:
Hello to Everyone,
I am calling from Norfolk UK and have to tell you that I am extremely happy to be accepted into the forum.
I tried calligraphy some years ago but found that I couldnīt give it the level of attention it required.
My work took me away to many parts of the world and didnīt leave much room for other interests.

As I am retired now I do have much more time for for more pleasant pastimes.  Learning copperplate is near the top of llist.

Although I havenīt reached the Ļshaking hands and the memory failuresĻ part of my life yet, I
donīt absorb information as quickly as I used to.  So, please go easy on me when I donīt fully understand everything that you tell me.

Best regards,

Erica McPhee:
Hi Jack,
Happy to have you join us! Please do let us know if you have any questions as you start your Copperplate journey. We have lots of tutorials and tips throughout the forum. Welcome!

Jack 41C:
Hi Erica,

I have started to go through all of the great turotials, tips and good guidance.  What an amazing forum!!  Itīs an Alladinīs cave of treasures!  Not sure when I will get back to practicing because it is going to take me quite a while just to work my way through the relevant sections.

Thanks to everyone for putting it there.


Cyril Jayant:
Hi there jack and welcome to the Club!! :D
Gratings from Uk London.


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