Author Topic: Anyone ever said this to you?  (Read 13476 times)

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Re: Anyone ever said this to you?
« Reply #45 on: December 23, 2014, 04:02:43 AM »
Actually, I'm pretty much a loner. I don't make friends easily at all. I have 2 friends, one I email in the US and 1 I know for 10+ years. I've only gone out twice to meet that 1 friend this year, and the rest of the time I hole up at home doing stuff I like. Because I don't really like going out, I like to ask about the 'outside world' from my outgoing friend. She's concerned I'm lonely and I guess I look quite pathetic in her eyes.

When I told her about my calligraphy interest, she didn't comment much on it specifically, but she said it's hard for people to want to know me because my interests are too different from others, and it seems to hint that if I continue to insist on being different I'll end up forever alone. LOL. We then discussed about furthering studies, and I suggested why not learn more English? Singapore uses English as our official language, and it's always good to brush up and improve on an existing skill to the best level, but she said it was kind of insulting to her intellect to be learning English. Hahah What would she think if I told her I'm learning to do strokes and circles.. that would have been the greatest form of insult in her eyes!

I suppose that's the cue point to start wallowing in self pity, but I've done that kind of thing for a long time & it's like been there done that. Rather than wonder why I can't make friends in Singapore because I've collected too many weird interests, I choose to focus my attention on learning things. I just like to learn about everything! Waiting for people to like me seems like a waste of time, if I can use that limited time to self improve instead. Who cares if people thinks calligraphy is lame and a font? I and you all here see the beauty in Calligraphy, and that matters. Now I think it's okay if in a lifetime one doesn't necessarily find their BFFs or soul mate or soul pet, but being good company and investing in one self seems like a good practical choice. :)
Pot meet kettel! I have the same problem! My favorite hobby is writing(lots of people write, but most arent in highschool) and along with calligraphy, which I am just getting into, I also have an intrest in Beekeeping and Educational Reform. Add in Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD, a personality type that only 1% of the worlds population has, a mature for her age girl, and high intelligence...well you get me...I'm a little weird...and huggy...and adult.  Wanna be friends?
I'm a crazy little poet Yeah!