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Writing on Weird Stuff
« on: June 26, 2019, 11:15:55 PM »
Writing on Weird Stuff $225

Includes Supplies

Class Description
Lettering artists will be introduced to the skills and tricks needed to successfully letter on an assortment of unique surfaces using the pointed pen. Have you ever wondered how to write on a rose petal, sand dollar, agate, or a leaf. Carla will work with students through a series of projects where they will learn about the inks, pens, and tricks necessary to easily letter on these advanced surfaces.
Students will learn hand on techniques for lettering on agate, sand dollars, wood, fondant, and various organic surfaces
Equipment Required
All supplies will be provided. Experienced lettering artists should bring with them their favorite pointed pen and an assortment of unused nibs.
Atlanta GA - August 25                      Registration Open Now
Nashville TN - September 15             Registration Open Now
Berkley California - October 2019      Registration Open Now
New York - November 2019               Registration Open Now
Los Angeles, CA - January 2020
Charleston SC - February 2020
Dallas TX - March 2020
Boston, MA - April 2020
Washington DC - May 2020