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Copperplate Tutorial by SMK / Nordic letters -
« on: March 28, 2018, 04:26:02 PM »
Hi @Salman Khattak (and others)

Since Im from Denmark my alphabet includes no less than 3 extra letters namely , , and . I would really appreciate suggestions for these as Im having trouble finding exemplars.
When I was in school and learned cursive, we were taught that the would simply be an o with a vertical dash floating above.
Im not finding that particularly elegant, and the letters are very common in Danish. Perhaps the forum has some ideas for variations?

Typical names:  Sren, M, Jrgen, Kre
Ususally letters or invites begin with Dear Norma which is Kre Norma
Loads of addresses includes all three: Nrrestrde 31, 8210 lborg

Introductions / Henriette says Hi !
« on: November 24, 2017, 07:57:26 AM »
Hi Im Henriette, I go by vlatorn (pronounced fla-torn) since theres only two of us in the world, the other being my 4,5 year old daughter Norma.

Im 36 and live in Denmark, small country with about 6 mil inhabitants, and we speak our language Danish which have three extra letters: and
Those can be hard to find exemplars for let me tell you!

Ive always been creative - painting, drawing, and always wanted to make sure my type was just so.

I started lettering in November 16 when I received a tombow dual set, with the intent of coloring with my daughter, but lettering sucked me in haha!
I joined IG and soon took part in a load of challenges and loved the community it brought with it.

In January 17 I got my first pointed pen and since Ive been in love trying my best at modern calligraphy. The possibilities and challenges are endless and so are the ink-stains on my hand since Im a lefty! (Go team smudge)

I simply love making calligraphy and the community that surrounds it. And Im so happy to become a member of Flourish. I hope to find a lot of friendships, resources and hopefully to give back where ever I can. I love to help.

If you feel so inclined my IG is: 

With joy, Henriette

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