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If I recall correctly, from the left #1 and #2 were gifts from an emerging maker called Howard.  They have their quirks but are quite useable.  #3 and #4 are by the inimitable Chris Yoke (#4 has a ring of mastodon ivory between the burl front and tail.  #5 is an ergonomic holder in Yew (one of my favourite woods) by Melanie of English Pen Crafts, #6 is by Edward of Chic Obliques, and of course #7 is the UniqueOblique by Brian.   The one on the bottom is an Hourglass holder, probably something that most people would start with.

They are all very nice to look at but would be better used by someone with some skill and/or enthusiasm.

Far right, a unique oblique that I've had for a few years now.  Totally unused.  Come to think of it, I haven't picked up a dip pen holder for a very long time.  Shameful really, but I guess it's not really my thing, and so as it stands I have a small collection of decorative sticks.  First world problems of course! :)

Tools & Supplies / Re: Curv-E Holder - New Oblique Pen Holder
« on: October 11, 2021, 05:55:31 AM »
There are four available on his website (just looked), at the bottom of the page of for sale items. 

Open Flourish | General Discussion / Re: Alternative to dip pen
« on: September 21, 2021, 04:59:46 AM »
I had a Desiderata, back when Pierre was first starting out.  Eventually sold it because I found that if I want to fiddle around with a Zebra G it was easier in an actual dip nib holder that didn't require the extra complication of a feed.  Liked the pen but personal choice to go in a different direction.   

Open Flourish | General Discussion / Re: Alternative to dip pen
« on: September 20, 2021, 02:52:45 AM »
Wow! I think the Elabo writing looks nicer than the Zebra G here.   The Elabo is on my wish list, just haven't decided on the resin or metal version yet.  :)

Open Flourish | General Discussion / Re: Alternative to dip pen
« on: September 18, 2021, 06:44:07 PM »
@K-2   As I understand it the Pilot Elabo has a plastic feed, unless someone has fitted an aftermarket part (i.e. from the Flexible Nib Factory).   I have yet to try one.  I bought a Pilot 912 with an FA nib a while back that was super soft but no hairlines and not snappy. 

Just heard from Jeffery at Blue-Dew. He says that the nib and feed are unlikely to fit a Jowo housing, but the nib may work (presumably with the Jowo feed).  If that's the case then that's a shame because Jowo is far more common than Bock as far as I can tell.  You can even buy dip pen holders for Jowo nib units - lighter that a fountain pen.

Open Flourish | General Discussion / Re: Montblanc scandal??
« on: September 16, 2021, 10:56:09 PM »
Limited editions are a bugbear for me.

In the world of fountain pens limited edition can often (but not always) mean nothing but a change of material - a different plastic for example.  The sort of change that has no bearing on the function of the pen.  This kind of limited edition plays on FOMO to generate quick cash and publicity for the brand.  It is marketing cynicism 101.

In the world of inks it is baffling that a limited edition could be so incredibly popular and yet the brand won't add it to their regular line-up.  I say incredible because often LE inks are more or less the same price as regular inks (although there are brands that gouge).  A classic example is Deep Lilac by Lamy.  This was an amazing ink.  Same price as regular, and it sold out really fast.  If they had kept it as a regular ink their customer base would have been overjoyed. Instead, for reasons unknown to us, they basically signalled that they didn't give a damn about their customers and stopped production.  This doesn't help with their brand image one bit, so it's a weird decision to make.

Overall I get the impression that brands don't really tap into the vibe of the writing (by hand) community.

Open Flourish | General Discussion / Re: Alternative to dip pen
« on: September 11, 2021, 08:54:37 AM »
@darrin1200 I am in the same boat.  I've modified a couple of cheap fountain pens to accept the Zebra G nib, but only using a standard plastic feed.  They work for a while, and when they do it is great, but require plenty of fiddling with.  Too much really.

And I too have looked at the Flexible Nib Factory - in fact I have an ebonite feed coming to be fitted into a Pilot Custom 912 with a flexible falcon nib.

I guess the real issues are the ink flow and the durability of the nib over time. Dip nibs are not corrosion resistant.  Even the coated Zebra Gs don't last very long if used regularly.  A lot of fountain pens have steel nibs that don't corrode.  I am not a metallurgist so often wondered why they can't make a flexible steel nib out the same material.  Perhaps there is some difference in elasticity that I am unaware of.

Anyway, waiting with bated breath  for Flourish Forum reviews!  :D

Open Flourish | General Discussion / Re: Alternative to dip pen
« on: September 11, 2021, 07:52:40 AM »
Oh dear! I hope nobody thought I was advertising for the company.  I don't own any of these products, only seen them on a couple of YouTube videos, and I was tempted to buy a couple of nib units and give them a try. However, $35 plus shipping is still a number that makes me hesitate. 

It will be interesting to hear how you get along with them, Erica.   If they're good then I'll jump in.  Funny thing is I brought this to the attention of the members of a fountain pen forum.  Normally there is considerable interest in fountain pens with flexible nibs, and there are few not-so-flexible examples around.  The nearest to performance of dip pen seems to be something called The Secretary of De Flex by,  but I don't think that one offers hairlines due to the added 'iridium' tipping.

@Aries M not tried a Noodler's Ahab but heard they can be quite stiff, need breaking in a bit and require some tinkering with feed setting.  All in all a real hobbyist's pen! Still they are relatively inexpensive and I read that they are nice writers even without the flex.   I have an Indian Click fountain pen with a nib marked flex, but I have to lean on it a bit to get any real variation in lines.  Good writer apart form that though.

@darrin1200 as I understand it the housing is for Bock threaded pens, but the feed and nib are a standard #6 size, so it should be possible to pull them out and rehouse in a Jowo nib holder.

Open Flourish | General Discussion / Alternative to dip pen
« on: September 10, 2021, 02:21:45 AM »
Just stumbled across a video about a fountain pen with dip pen characteristics.  Initial thought was along the lines of those Zebra G conversions, but the makers claim otherwise*

If these are truly non-corroding nib they may be a bit of a game changer for calligraphers on the hoof!  :)

*makers claims came from another site, same nib though -
The makers (Bluedew) seem to be located in Singapore, but Aaron's pens (in the video) look to be in the US.  Not sure about this.

Kind Critique / Handwriting (not calligraphy)
« on: August 05, 2021, 04:58:39 AM »

Hadn't posted anything in a while. This is an example of my usual 'hand' for correspondence.  No particular style.

Open Flourish | General Discussion / Re: She is home!
« on: January 21, 2021, 11:18:08 PM »
Finally!  Looking forward to getting to know this girl!  The three week wait is over 😎.

That's a beauty. Enjoy!

Open Flourish | General Discussion / Re: Chic Oblique . . . ALMOST mine!
« on: January 05, 2021, 05:44:30 AM »

Not sure why I've kept these, as they remain unused.  From memory, left to right, first two pens were given to me by a kindly budding woodcrafter in the US called Howard, then two by Chris Yoke (the darker one has a genuine mastodon ivory ring), then an ergonomic holder by Melanie on Etsy (who seems to have stopped making them), a Curv-E by Edward, and something by Unique Obliques?   The one at the bottom is of course an hourglass holder from Paper & Ink Arts.

There were more, but some were given away - a couple of Strahms and a couple of Curv-E travel-size holders, if I recall correctly.

If ever there was a case of nice instruments being in the wrong hands, this is it.

Hi Diane,

Thank you.  The card arrived a few days before my birthday, but I didn't open it until the day!

Just had my 55th birthday. Was very surprised and delighted to receive a handmade car from overseas. At first it stumped me as to who may have sent it, but...

It had to be from a member here!

Many thanks Diane, really made my day.

And so, into lockdown we go (in New Zealand).  I live alone most of the time (wife works in another town and is in essential services - Pharmacist).  Having no social or community support is going to be tough, and now being separated from work colleagues will add to the isolation.  Well, it's got to be done.

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