Author Topic: Broad Nib Sharpening  (Read 1046 times)

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Broad Nib Sharpening
« on: July 05, 2014, 01:49:13 PM »
I'm sure this thread has been around at least once, but here is a new twist to the Arkansas stone to nib- I found this method works best for me: instead os sharpening nib to stone, try the reverse: insert your nib into a straight holder, turn is upside down and hold the staff steady resting it on your work table. Now, stroke the stone onto the nib about 5 times at 20o, check with a 10x loupe, turn the holder over where the nib is in the normal position (right side up) and stroke the nib again about 5 times (same number of strokes on each side so that the pointed area looks like a sharp wedge}. Check again with the loupe, if not sharp enough try again from the beginning making sure the number of strokes are the same on each side and looks good in the loupe. Now for a fine tuning, stroke the nib a few times (each side) on a soft piece of leather (underside of a belt is o.k.) Try the nib and see if it writes better and sharper and smoother. The above can be accomplished by using a Dremel tool, but be extremely cautious as the rapid revolutions of the sharpener will take off more than you want in a blink - with this method you'd best have another nib handy for any mistakes. With sharpening any tool be extremely cautious as mistakes can happen - use light strokes when sharpening - you can always take off more, but can't  put it back on.