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The Zanerian Manual - Free Download


Erica McPhee:
This is pretty awesome -- check out the free download of the Zanerian Manual !  ;D

I have some issues downloading it, so have not been able to go through it, but it sounds like an amazing resource indeed!

It wouldn't download for me, either!  I got an error message that I was missing some plug-in.  Don't know what that's about!  I was, however, able to view the archived manual & it's as wonderful as i remembered it being!


This conveniently pops up just weeks after I bought a hard copy...  ;D I was able to download it, no problem.

Erica - thank you for sharing this gem! I, too, had recently purchased a hard copy of the printed manual, but this 1924 copy appears to be easier to read (it appears to be cleaner, if that is possible).

I love looking through original documents when possible; just a little added charm  ;)


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