Author Topic: a confession (re: handwriting)  (Read 227 times)

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a confession (re: handwriting)
« on: February 25, 2024, 07:33:41 PM »
When I was a kid, I printed in block letters. Then I wrote in cursive because they told us we had to. I didn't resent it or dislike it. I just did it. Had no special interest in handwriting. Then I went back to printing, more or less, but for speed I did join up a lot of letters casually, with no special attention to beauty.

And in a way, I still don't. The examples of lovely handwriting all over this site...I can see how cool they are, but I have just about zero desire to produce anything like that myself. Some of the dip-pen drawings I might like to imitate in my own crude manner...but back to handwriting.

I have gotten interested in my own handwriting, however. Over the last couple years. It's gotten better--more expressive, at least. I can see how it's become my own thing, made up out of the elements of the script we learned and my old block letters.

And I have a couple fountain pens and like what a broad nib does for my writing.

I like seeing the difference between how it looks when I direct it more through my fingers and when I direct it more with larger muscles.

Anyway, I see that people do cool things with dip pens. They look affordable. And I like the flexibility. But I there anything for me to do in this hobby that would make sense? I don't want beauty, I just want more expressiveness, more possibilities, in my everyday handwriting.

Does this make sense? Is there anything I could do with these nibs, any technique I could learn, that after practice, I could incorporate into everyday handwriting?

I know that dip pens are not so portable, I mean "everyday handwriting" that I do in a notebook at a desk at home...

Thank you for all the posts, and thank you for any replies you may offer!

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Re: a confession (re: handwriting)
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2024, 02:23:51 PM »
I highly encourage you to check out @anintran on Instagram. She is a fabulous calligrapher but has also done some amazing things with her penmanship.

Also, look at Roman Caps. This is a great way to play around with pens and it will also improve your handwriting. Those block letters you gravitate towards will come to life.

The other thing you may really enjoy is architectural lettering. This is also block lettering. I wrote an article for Calligraphy Crush Magazine “How to Write Like an Architect” and I am sharing a few of the images from it below. You can do so much with this lettering.

This is a great video of monoline calligraphy:

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